Our students

We currently support six medical students and three nursing students, all from the far west of Nepal, who will go on to be doctors and nurses helping those in isolated communities in Nepal. We also continue to support our three qualified Doctors for Nepal.

But we need to do more than that, so that we can increase our nurses training programme, and offer financial support to our doctors for postgraduate training.

More money means more scholarships!

Most of our support comes from individuals, either through one-off donations or standing orders. We currently have six DFN scholars studying for medical degrees at Patan Academy of Health Sciences in Kathmandu, a teaching hospital that specifically trains students for community medicine in remote and isolated areas. We also have 3 DFN scholars training to be nurses with PHASE Worldwide. Our scholars are selected by a rigorous process, which includes:
  • family background and financial need
  • willingness to serve in a remote area
  • preference given to lower caste and female applicants.
Medical Scholarships cover:
  • tuition fees
  • hostel fees
  • books
  • laptop
  • one visit home each year

The cost is about £30,000 per medical student for the five-year course, and £5,000 per nursing student for a 3-year course. In return for their funding, medical scholars are contracted to work for not less than four years and nursing scholars for 2 years, in a remote area after graduating.

To apply for a medical scholarship, click here. If you would like to apply for a nursing scholarship please email: cesca@doctorsfornepal.org.

Meet our qualified doctors, medical and nursing students below.

Meet our doctors and students

Lalit Jung Shahi

My Sponsors are my living GOD... Thank you very much to all my sponsors!

Nahakul Shahi

"I was pursuing the dream of thousands who live amongst poverty..."

Meena Kafle Chaulagain

I wanted to be a good physician and serve those people in rural areas who are poor, uneducated, and innocent but they have desire to improve their life style.

Apsara Hamal

Medical Student

Prakash Thakulla

Medical Student
Your financial generosity has allowed me to one step closer to my dream and has inspired me to help others by giving to the community.

Kamal Hamal

Medical Student
Whatever I learned in the posting duration and after returning from there, will be very useful in my life. And this will help me to get the goal of my life to become a doctor

Dhanendra Shahi

Medical Student
I want to thank you from the core of my heart for selecting me

Purna Adhikari

Medical Student
I feel so much happy and proud to and to be a part of DFN

Jeevan Pendey

Medical Student
I feel so happy to become a part of this DFN family

Kalika Thakuri

Nursing Student
I have just completed a 6 week clinical rotation where I learned about how to care for the chronically ill patient

Apsara Jirel

Nursing Student
I am enthusiastic to study nursing because we can contribute to the community from my district

Binita Rai

Nursing Student
When I got my scholarship from DFN I was so happy and glad