We can now offer Electives to medical students through the generous support of the Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Kathmandu.

We can offer an urban placement at PAHS which will be arranged by us, but run by PAHS. If you are looking for a rural placement we can help to facilitate this on an individual basis, again through PAHS. All rural electives will be dependent on whether PAHS have any students out in the rural regions of Nepal at the requested time. As recognition of the work we do in Nepal, we would request a donation of US$100 per week, up to a maximum of US$400, for each elective. This is the usual fee for electives at PAHS but if you apply to do your elective through us, the fee will be waived by PAHS and donated directly to DFN (you will need to arrange a donation to DFN prior to departure). We at DFN are keen that UK medical students can benefit from the unique experience of working in a resource-poor setting in one of the world’s most beautiful countries. The challenges of an elective in Nepal are not to be understated, but with an open mind, and a sense of adventure, we know that the previous students have had extraordinary experiences which will serve them well in their future careers, wherever these may be. You can download an information pack here or if you would like more details please contact cesca@doctorsfornepal.org